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Anti-Bird Netting

Polyester forming cloth can be divided into 4-heddle,5-heddle,7-heddle,8-heddle,16-heddle,etc.According to the weaving pattern it also can be divided into single layer fabrics,double layer fabric,two and half layer fabric and three-layer fabric according to the category.
      4-heddle single layer dryer screen is the standard type in paper making application,mainly used for producing news paper,offset printing paper,paper pulp of senior,overpressure of printing paper and cardboard,corrugated base paper.It is common dryer cloth for low and middle speed paper machine.
      5-heddle single-layer dryer mesh has nice wear resistance and dehydration property,mesh opening are uniform,fiber retention rate is high,service life is long,applied to produce cigarette paper and tissue paper.
      8-heddle single layer dryer mesh is the most wear-resisting cloth in the single layer fabrics,which have long performance life.It was mainly applied to produce sack paper,kraft paper,cardboard,corrugated and so on. 
      7-heddle and 8-heddle double layer fabric were applied to produce advanced printing paper,tissue paper and paperboard surface layer pulp,inner pulp,bottom pulp.
      8-heddle,16-heddle double and a half layer fabric were suitable for various types of paper produced by the high speed paper machine .